Android is dominating the market place with 88.01% market share as on July 2016 eating up the market prevalence of other brands. Android was introduced in October 2003 by Android, Inc. On its journey Android created its market with a range of 1 million apps getting a turnover of 50 billion plus downloads. Android has spread a long journey making its way from rock to a high mountain. Today it offers the comprehensive choice of learn Android Application Development for its users in all kinds of devices starting from portable devices like phones and tablets and smart watches to key appliances like TV, gaming consoles, digital cameras etc. It has the advantage of being the efficient, economical and customized OS for high level devices, which makes it a popular choice amongst most of the giants of the electronic industry. Many technological biggies have switched over to Android for their latest devices, which otherwise were working on other OS's. With such usability, Android holds a strong position in the mobile market place alone with a figure as high as 94.2%.

The professional world of software development modified 75% of Android developers out of which 45% are professional developers over authorization the count of 37% of IOS developers. Android's growth is imp-arable since its ownership by Google on August 17, 2005 making it an authorized Google consignment . The recent release of Android 6.0 marshmallow has amplified the market further for intake of Android professionals. As observed on August 26, 2016 on the number of Android jobs counts up to 10612 jobs out of which 888 are listed as fresher Android jobs. As per trusted records, the Relative Percentage Growth in android jobs over the last decade has been remarkable android salary.

About The Course:

The android training at Vinfotek intention, at stage wise learning by skilled android consultants to make it easier and understandable by beginners as well and also train you in the allied concepts before leaping into the primary course. Being a premium android training institute, at LearnIT the syllabus has been carefully designed. The course of study for the android training programme followed here can be found under respective sections:




The completion of theoretical training leads to practical application in well-equipped lab.


We place special focus on Real-Time Project development exposure which leads to 100% success in interviews.

More than 25000 students started their career with us and we sealed more than 5000 placements in IT companies. Register with us for Android and make a difference to your career.

  • Module-1: Introduction to JAVA and ECLIPSE
  • Module-2: Introduction to Android
  • Module-3: Introduction to Development for Android
  • Module-4: Android activities and UI design
  • Module-5: Advanced UI programing
  • Module-6: Toast, Menu, Dialog, List and Adapters
  • Module-7: Multimedia programing using Android
  • Module-8: Services and Content provider
  • Module-9: Database- SQLite
  • Module-10: Location based services and Google Maps
  • Module-11: Notification and Animations
  • Module-12: How to develop custom made web browser
  • Module-13: Testing and debugging Android Application
  • Module-14: Installation of asp
  • For the detailed syllabus on each module, download the syllabus.