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BIG DATA!! CLOUD COMPUTING!!! The newest concepts in the industry.

Big Data Analysis is computation of real-time large-scale data across multiple sources. So it is an expensive and time consuming business. Instantaneous analysis of big data on a cluster of computers across multiple sources can be easily done on a platform like Hadoop. Hadoop as an open source programs was launched by Yahoo in 2008. However, Hadoop’s framework and ecosystem of technologies was later endorsed by Apache Software Foundation. By 2013, Hadoop became the tool more than half of the Fortune 50 companies who use it for production and research using large-scale data across a grid of computers functioning on single servers to thousands of machines. Hadoop has been designed towards auto-detection and auto-handling of failures in any system functioning in its framework. With constantly growing social media data, Hadoop is the key resource to massive storage and fast processing of enormous data, both onsite data center and cloud storage. Today Hadoop being the main tool for Big Data handling and analysis, Hadoop-Big Data training are interrelated concepts.Companies offering cloud storage using Hadoop are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google, ORACLE.

Companies using Hadoop for applications involving advertising and search engines are-

Amazon EBay LinkedIn
Adobe Facebook The New york Times
Alibaba Google Twitter
AOL IBM Yahoo!

With the growing demand of big data analysis, there is an excessive requirement of Hadoop professionals. But current market reports exhibit a shortage of professionals experienced in big data analysis in an open source environment. The trend of growth of Hadoop requirement can be witnessed from the trend curve

Due to high demand of Hadoop developers, the salary trend is also on a rise

The growing market of Hadoop can be witnessed from the job postings as on June 7, 2016 in the job portals-

36078 1444 45189 479 11424


The Big Data online training at LearnIT aims at systematic exposure to the concepts of Big data and Hadoop. Being a topnotch Hadoop training institute for over a decade, the course layout of the course here has been laid down in sections assorted hereby-



  • Module-1: Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop
  • Module-2: Map Reduce
  • Module-3: PIG
  • Module-4: HBase
  • Module-5: Zookeeper
  • Module-6: Oozie and Oozie workflow
  • Module-7: Setting Hadoop Environment
  • Module-8: Map Reduce Advanced
  • Module-9: Developing with PIG
  • Module-10: Developing with HBase
  • Module-11: Sqoop
  • Module-12: Yarn

For the detailed syllabus on each module, download the syllabus.


Theoretical training is followed by practical in all the theoretical concepts which is carried out in labs well equipped with the latest technologies.


Live Project development is the most important career move and also the specialty of the programme which enhances your job prospects through a complete 180 degrees towards success.

More than 25000 students who started their career with us were placed in our client base which is as big as 750 companies. We have a record of more than 5000 placements in these IT companies.

Register and Learn Hadoop with us and create a difference in your career.