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RIA - Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet application (RIA) is a web-based application which has been increasing popularity since its inception in 2002. It functions like desktop application software which runs inside a web browser without any requirement of software installation on the client side. Technologies used to build the modern RIA are Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, Adobe AIR, and JavaFX which are growing in popularity as RIAs are gaining momentum. Reortedly, by August 2011, Adobe Flash, JavaFX, and Microsoft Silverlight are the most common platforms with desktop browser penetration rates around 96%, 76%, and 66%, respectively. Rich Internet applications are a verified and economical way to design modern applications with a richer, dynamic and more appealing interface alongside the speed. RIAs have taken over the browser based gaming sector besides video capturing applications. In one word, software applications used in fields ranging from ERP business to word processing are Rich Internet Applications. Social networking sites like Job Portals, matrimonial portals and blogging sites fulfils their purpose through RIS. RIA is being used by technological masterminds like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, NASA. In a decade's time, all the software's will be just Rich Internet Applications making Rich internet applications course training the most demanding at this stage of the technological evolution.

The current job opportunities for candidates proficient in RIA is displayed in the table

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At LearnIT, we know the demand of Rich Internet Applications and accordingly we have framed the course for the Rich Internet Applications training here. The curriculum is at par with the industry standards and requirements. The course structure for systematic approach to rich internet technology study is as laid out below:



Module-1: HTML5

  • Module-2: CSS 3
  • Module-3: Javascript
  • Module-4: DOM and Advanced DOM
  • Module-5: Website design
  • Module-6: PHP 5.3
  • Module-7: OOPS PHP
  • Module-8: PHP-XML
  • Module-9: MySQL 5.0
  • Module-10: AJAX & PHP
  • Module-11: Zend Framework
  • Module-12: Apache Webserver- Drupal the CMS, Joomla, Smarty
  • For the detailed syllabus on each module, download the syllabus.


    Rigorous practical sessions succeeding the theoretical training are what make the internet application training schedule more effective and resourceful. Practical exposure to the latest technologies at our well facilitated labs is what delivers the best of rich internet applications training.


    The Live project assignment is to be carried out within a stipulated timeframe under the supervision of the skilled trainers. Successful completion of the live project gives a breakthrough in your career.

    More than 25000 students who started their career with us were placed in our client base which is as big as 750 companies. We have a record of more than 5000 placements in these IT companies.

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