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DOTNET/MVC: has been a innovator in the field of web development for an period of time now. Before leaping into the specialty of Dotnet training at Vinfotek, let us give you a very useful brief introduction to Dotnet. Dotnet programing language was developed by Microsoft and it was an authorized product of Microsoft. Dotnet language has been an all-round and all-time winner in the domain of freeware. It has always been the highly taught after technology for Application Development and web applications development. JAVA has always been the strongest competitor of Dotnet technology. Dotnet has earned its popularity as a multifaceted language which can run on different platforms and devices ranging from embedded devices and mobile devices to enterprise servers and supercomputers. There is a Dotnet platform for each device and application as listed here:

(Windows Applications) for multi-tier client–server enterprise applications.

(Web Applications) for multi-tier client–server enterprise applications.

(MVC Applications) for multi-tier client–server enterprise applications.

The widely used applications of Dotnet are made by-

C# || || MVC || SQL Server || Visual Studio || Oracle

Now let us know some major information about Dotnet. Dotnet technology today is the most widely used enterprise computing platform for developing and running enterprise software, which includes System Applications and web services. The Dotnet application extends to large-scale network applications which possess the feature of multi-tier structure which demand security, scalability and reliability.

The big names of the technology which have implemented the J2EE platform in their application servers include-


The stable market of Dotnet/MVC over decades can be observed from the current job openings of 45879 Dotnet jobs on Naukri as on August 29 2016.



Vinfotek has the practical expertise in the field of DOTNET training for more than a decade. Therefore the Dotnet online training curriculum has been accordingly chalked out and divided into three parts, viz., C#, and MVC. Subsequently, each part has modules of the course topics respectively. Please find below the same:





  • Module-1: Intoduction To DOTNET
  • Module-2: Evolution and Fundamentals of Dotnet
  • Module-3: Dotnet- logics and techniques
  • Module-4: Dotnet- Installation
  • Module-5: Multi threaded programing
  • Module-6: Exception handling
  • Module-7: Collections programing
  • Module-8: Event programing
  • Module-9: Generics, LINQ programing
  • Module-10: Database Connectivity
  • Module-11: File Handling
  • Module-12: Windows Forms
  • Module-13: Database


  • Module-1: Working with VS 2010, server controls, validate controls in
  • Module-2: Intrinsic Objects in, State Management
  • Module-3: Merging contents of page in web forms, data binding and reporting
  • Module-4: Caching, Mailing with, uploading files, Security in
  • Module-5: Web Server and Application Server
  • Module-6: Business components
  • Module-7: XML programmeming
  • Module-8: AJAX


Advanced Dotnet

  • Module-1: MVC
  • Module-2: Razor View, Controller, Model, Entity Framework
  • Module-3: Asp.met Ajax
  • Module-4: Filters, Search Form
  • Module-5: Validatations & Data Annotations
  • Module-6: WCF & web services

For the detailed syllabus on each module, download the syllabus.


Theoretical training is followed by practical in all the theoretical concepts which is carried out in labs well equipped with the latest technologies. Dotnet project is an added advantage of this course.


Live Project development is the most important career move and also the specialty of the programme which enhances your job prospects through a complete 180 degrees towards success.

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