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Soft Skills or Emotional intelligence Quotient (EQ) is a bundle of personality traits which are an integral part of the contribution of an individual towards professional and personal growth.

Lately it has been observed that the hiring companies emphasize on the soft skills factor of the interviewee. A candidate with profound technological proficiency but insufficient soft skills quotient might also face disappointment. Hence polishing the soft skills is an important criterion for successful employment in the corporate industry. Apart from that, success rates in other fields also get magnified with strong Soft skills training. In other words, Good quality soft skills =Better +More Job Opportunities in various genre

About Course:

At Vinfotek, we know that without soft skills, technological skills hold not much worth alone for a prospective career. Accordingly we have framed the soft skill course with handpicked soft skill topics to make you a complete package to meet the industry specifications. With the curriculum followed here, not only will you prosper in the field of profession but you can take up soft skill trainer as your primary profession, which is a flourishing job avenue. We impart thorough training followed by practical assignments in soft skills training schedule. The course structure as has been framed is as laid below:


Course Module

  • Module-1: Proficiency in English
  • Module-2: Effective communication
  • Module-3: Presentation skills
  • Module-4: Self Management
  • Module-5: Time Management
  • Module-6: Motivation/ Inspiration
  • Module-7: Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Module-8: Interview Skills
  • Module-9: Stress Management
  • Module-10: Customer care & negotiation skills
  • Module-11: Team management
  • Module-12: Negotiation skills
  • Module-13: Positive attitude
  • Module-14: Business Etiquette

For the detailed syllabus on each module, download the syllabus.

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